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Christopher Butler on a boat near the coast of Panama. / Photo by Daniel Hentz.

Adding art installations to alcoves from Commercial to Montello streets might "beautify" Brockton but what happens to those living there?


BROCKTON — Jasmyne sat on a thick pile of blankets tucked in an alcove underneath a stone bridge in downtown Brockton. On the bridge above her were the commuter rail train tracks.

Jasmyne, who asked that her real first and last name not be used to protect her privacy, lounged while reading a book she had just started.

“I read all the time,” she said. “I love to read.”

A truck drove through the underpass, on the street just a few feet from her setup. The revving engine echoed loudly off the bridge walls.

“I swear, they’re doing it on purpose,” she said...

Life inside Perkins Park

A three-part series exploring what it's like to live unhoused in downtown Brockton, including interviews with citizens who struggle with homelessness and the city's mayor Robert Sullivan. From: The Enterprise


MIDDLEBORO - Jalen Goff, a sixth-grade student at Nichols Middle School, said she was called various racial slurs by her classmates, and only two teaches in her school reprimanded them.

“I know there’s Asian hate going around in this world and I feel like we should change that,” she said at the Middleboro School Committee meeting on May 18.

“I’ve been getting harassed and getting racial comments,” she said to the committee. “Most teachers weren’t doing anything about it.”

Goff also said that her friend Emily, who was standing with her at the microphone, had been body shamed by her peers...

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